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LED Aluminium profile

Aluminum profile is very necessary for LED strip installation. The profile protects the LED strip from mechanical damage and provides cooling to the LED strip and enables easier installation. Profiles made of anodized aluminum. The diffuser of the profile helps to diffuse the light better and does not change the color

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  • LED Surface profile

    LED Surface profile

    Using surface-mounted aluminum profiles for LED strips not only ensures protection and efficient operation of the LEDs but also offers numerous possibilities for lighting design and installation.

    Surface profiles are typically used:

    • To create lighting solutions, such as for illuminating shelves, walls, ceilings, and other architectural details;

    • To generate uniform and soft lighting for kitchen countertops;

    • To develop street lighting systems using LED strips, such as lighting for garden paths, street walls, building facades, and other landscape design elements.

  • LED Recessed profile

    LED Recessed profile

    Без имени-1_2.jpg

    Recessed aluminum profiles for LED strips offer great potential for creative and functional lighting, they can be used for interior, exterior, and commercial purposes.

    These profiles are suitable for:

    ⦁ Installing LED strips along ceilings, walls, or floors, creating uniform lighting in a space;
    ⦁ Creating individual design lighting solutions, including lighting for furniture, accents, or even creating light figures;
    ⦁ Lighting commercial counters, showcases, or advertising structures, enhancing product visibility and attracting customer attention;
    ⦁ Lighting kitchen countertops;
    ⦁ Lighting mirrors, stairs, garden paths, and much more.

  • LED Corner profile

    LED Corner profile

    Corner aluminum profiles designed for LED strips are an innovative solution that not only provides exceptional aesthetics to lighting but also ensures reliable protection and optimal conditions for the operation of LEDs. Their elegant design, durability, and efficient heat dissipation make them an essential accessory for any LED strip lighting.

    Corner profiles are used:

    ⦁ For installing LED strips under kitchen cabinets or on top shelves to create uniform lighting for the work surface;
    ⦁ To be installed around the perimeter of showcases to create magnificent lighting for displayed goods;
    ⦁ For installing LED strips along walls or ceilings to create aesthetically attractive lighting in the interior;
    ⦁ For installing LED strips in furniture such as cabinets, shelves, or tables to create a pleasant soft lighting;
    ⦁ For installing LED strips on stair steps or railings to create safe lighting in the dark;
    ⦁ To create lighting for terraces, balconies, gardens, plots, etc.

  • LED Suspended profile

    LED Suspended profile

    Aluminum suspension profiles for LED strips offer numerous possibilities for creative lighting solutions. They can be used for primary and decorative lighting, over kitchen islands, bar counters, work desks, stair steps, and more.
    Suspended profiles ensure uniform and soft lighting, giving the interior a modern and stylish appearance. The greatest advantage of such profiles is the ability to create unique design lights of any shape and size. Moreover, our company manufactures these lights on a custom order basis!
    Leave a request along with the desired light fixture description, and our consultants will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

  • LED Wall profile

    LED Wall profile

    The use of wall aluminum profiles for LED strips is an aesthetic and functional solution that allows for efficient room lighting while also creating a stylish and contemporary interior design. By placing LED strips inside wall profiles along the perimeter of the room or along the ceiling, you create soft and uniform lighting, making the space cozier and more modern. These types of profiles are also perfectly suited for creating unique decorative lights or stairway backlighting, enhancing your interior and making movement in the dark safer.

  • LED profiles CIRCLE

    LED profiles CIRCLE

    In the world of modern lighting design, the CIRCLE aluminum profile offers unique opportunities for creating stylish and functional light fixtures. The contemporary shades and finishes of aluminum profiles allow you to create lighting that easily combines with various interior styles, adding a modern accent to the space. Designers actively use the CIRCLE profile to implement exclusive and original lighting solutions.

  • LED Round profile

    LED Round profile

    Round aluminum profiles have become a preferred material for designers creating pendant lights. In addition to durability and lightness, this material also offers endless possibilities for creative lighting ideas. The round shapes of aluminum profiles give pendant lights a modern and stylish appearance. They easily match various interior styles, emphasizing their uniqueness. Besides creating pendant lights, this type of profile is also perfect for lighting handrails, open wardrobes, and wardrobe bars, as well as illuminating paintings, niches, mirrors, and other lighting solutions.

  • Profile for mirror and glass

    Profile for mirror and glass

    This type of profile ensures uniform and soft light diffusion, creating comfortable lighting around mirrors, reducing harsh shadows and reflections, and also becoming an additional decorative element. This profile is widely used for lighting glass shelves in residential areas, such as cabinets, adding a spark to the interior, as well as in stores, highlighting products and making them even more attractive to customers.

  • LED profile architectural

    LED profile architectural

    The architectural profile is specifically designed for drywall and is an ideal solution for quick, easy, and precise installation of LED strips into drywall ceilings. The distinctive feature of these models is their design with very large side elements, which help to securely fix the profile and simplify the installation process. Such profiles can be easily integrated into the drywall structure, offering a concealed lighting effect. This decorating method highlights the interior lines, creating a visual effect of lightness and refinement.

  • LED Floor profile

    LED Floor profile

    Specialized aluminum profiles designed for integrating LED strips into the floor are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a durable lighting solution. These profiles have excellent resistance to damage and are walkable, making them an ideal choice for creating innovative and functional interior designs.

    The durable construction of aluminum profiles reliably protects the LED strips from external influences, preventing damage and maintaining their functionality for a long time. This is particularly important for profiles installed in the floor, where they are under constant load and mechanical stress.

    Additionally, specialized aluminum floor profiles provide safety while walking, thanks to their strength and durability. Their design is engineered to withstand load and provide a stable surface, making them an ideal choice for areas with high foot traffic.

  • LED profile for stairs

    LED profile for stairs

    Aluminum LED profiles for stair steps are an efficient and stylish solution for lighting stairs.

    Their main advantages include:

    • Modern design. They can be integrated harmoniously into any interior design, adding style and elegance.
    • Safety. Lighting stair steps increases safety, especially in dark conditions. It helps prevent potential injuries and facilitates orientation on the stairs.
    • Easy installation. These profiles are designed with installation ease in mind. They can easily attach to the stairs, simplifying the installation process and reducing labor costs.
    • Strength and durability. The stair profiles have high strength and resistance to external factors. This ensures a long lifespan and maintenance of lighting quality.

  • LED profile flexible

    LED profile flexible

    Bendable aluminum LED strip profiles offer convenience, design flexibility, and reliable performance, making them an excellent choice for lighting applications in various settings. The material's flexibility allows for the creation of not only straight-line but also curved light fixtures, granting freedom in the design of non-standard shapes and patterns. The bending properties of aluminum profiles enable easy customization of lighting to different shapes and surfaces. This is particularly useful in cases where LED strips need to be installed along curved or spiral surfaces.

  • LED profile double-sided

    LED profile double-sided

    Double-sided aluminum profiles offer several advantages that make them an attractive choice for lighting solutions. These profiles provide light flow from both above and below, creating more uniform and aesthetically pleasing lighting. This effect is particularly beneficial in cases where it is necessary to ensure brightness on both sides. Double-sided profiles allow for the creation of interesting lighting effects and decorative solutions, as well as unique design lights. They enable the combination of different colored LED strips on both sides, opening up opportunities for creative color solutions and multi-layered lighting effects.

  • LED Profile with lens

    LED Profile with lens

    Lensed aluminum profiles offer numerous opportunities for improving lighting quality and efficiency, as well as for the creative use of light in various design projects. The lenses on aluminum profiles direct light in a specific direction, creating more precise and targeted lighting. This is particularly useful when you need to highlight specific interior or exterior elements. Lensed profiles ensure even distribution of light across the entire length of the LED strip, preventing the formation of shadows and ensuring quality lighting. Additionally, these profiles have the unique feature of extending the light beam, which is often used to highlight decorative walls and paintings.

  • LED Profile sensor switches

    LED Profile sensor switches

    Touch-sensitive switches are a very convenient and modern design solution for LED lights. They can have various functions such as on/off switching, brightness adjustment, and color temperature change for RGB LEDs, all controlled by touches or hand gestures. Choosing the right switch depends on the specific requirements of your project, your preferences for light control, and the type of LED strip used. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants through the chat window or by phone at +372 55924444, we are happy to help find the best solution for your project!

  • KLUS LED Profiles

    KLUS LED Profiles

    Our company offers high-quality aluminum profiles for LED strips from the renowned manufacturer - KLUS. The company's main focus has always been on thoughtful design, with a wide range of styles and shapes, where functionality and product quality form a harmonious whole. KLUS profiles are made from high-quality materials, ensuring product strength and durability. This guarantees a long service life for your LED lighting systems. It is thanks to their excellent properties and compliance with the latest lighting requirements that KLUS LED solutions are actively used in large and complex projects. The KLUS product catalog includes various types of profiles, from simple and functional to more decorative and sophisticated. By purchasing KLUS profiles from us, you gain access to modern and reliable lighting solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and outstanding quality.

  • Accessories for LED profile

    Accessories for LED profile

    Accessories for aluminum profiles play a crucial role in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable LED lighting systems. On our website, you can find all the necessary accessories in the relevant categories.

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