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LED Power Supplies

The LED strip is powered by 5V 12V or 24V.
Therefore, it requires special switching stabilized power supplies. Power supplies for LED strips are different:

  1. By power
  2. By degree of protection (sealed, leaky, moisture resistant)
  3. Dimmable Power Supplies

It is important to correctly calculate the number of LEDs connected to the power supply. In case of minimal overload, the unit usually fails within a week. For normal operation, you need to leave a power reserve of about 20%.

The power supply for LED strips should be selected according to the following parameters:

  1. Supply voltage strip
  2. Led Strip Power
  3. Degree of protection

If you have any doubts about what kind of power supply you need, you can always contact our consultants by phone or email, you can also come to our store, which is located at Pae tn 21, Tallinn, Estonia 11415. 

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