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  • Сhristmas light

    Сhristmas light

  • LED Strips

    LED Strips

  • LED Strip Accessories

    LED Strip Accessories

  • Aluminium profile

    Aluminium profile

    The profile is great for installing an LED strip. Its use makes it possible to install LED strip in interior design. The profile protects the tape from physical damage, makes it moisture resistant, and allows you to embed the LED strip into the slab, floor and any other surfaces. Profile material - anodized aluminum.

    The profile diffuser does not change the color of the LED strip and provides a soft light.

    There is a large selection of aluminum profiles: surface-mounted, suspended, built-in, for glass, for a cabinet, for stairs, flexible profiles, with a lens, etc.

    All profiles in our store are 3m long (excluding a couple of models).

    We can cut the profile to any size for your order.

    NB! Now in our store you can purchase a sample of any aluminum profile.

    Send your request to our email We will also help you with an idea and a profile choice.


  • Accessories for Led profile

    Accessories for Led profile

  • LED Power Supplies

    LED Power Supplies

    The LED strip is powered by 5V 12V or 24V.
    Therefore, it requires special switching stabilized power supplies. Power supplies for LED strips are different:

    1. By power
    2. By degree of protection (sealed, leaky, moisture resistant)
    3. Dimmable Power Supplies

    It is important to correctly calculate the number of LEDs connected to the power supply. In case of minimal overload, the unit usually fails within a week. For normal operation, you need to leave a power reserve of about 20%.

    The power supply for LED strips should be selected according to the following parameters:

    1. Supply voltage strip
    2. Led Strip Power
    3. Degree of protection

    If you have any doubts about what kind of power supply you need, you can always contact our consultants by phone or email, you can also come to our store, which is located at Punane 1, Tallinn. Read more on the contact page.

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

  • LED industrial lightings

    LED industrial lightings

  • LED Light controll

    LED Light controll

  • LED Display and board

    LED Display and board


    1. Installation of LED screens on the roof of the building is used for outdoor LED screens with IP67 protection.

    2. Wall mounting LED screens are used for both external and internal LED screens.

    Built-in installation

    Wall hanging installation

    Wall-mounted installation on corners

    3. Mounting the LED screen on one or more support pillars. For the street, roadside, sports fields and stadiums.

    On one support pillar

    On two support pillars

    Our experts will help you choose the best installation method and install LED screens.

    We also install LED screens in nightclubs, shops, holidays and other events. We use various installation methods. In some cases, it is more convenient to use a temporary mobile LED display on a trailer. Renting a LED screen on a trailer is very popular, our clients are always satisfied with the result.

  • Led car lighting

    Led car lighting

  • Electrical goods

    Electrical goods

  • Hobbies and free time

    Hobbies and free time

  • Smart House System

    Smart House System

  • Modern lamps and chandeliers

    Modern lamps and chandeliers

  • Led IC addressable production

    Led IC addressable production

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

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