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Smart House System

  • MiLight Smart Light

    MiLight Smart Light

    Milight products

    Milight products and the new brand MiBoxer

    Milight LED devices (MiBoxer) are used to create multi-colored, comfortable and cozy lighting in your interior.

    Milight products include: remote control (wireless data transmission technology: 2.4GHz radio channel, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, DALI) lights, bulbs, floodlights, track lights, underwater lights, outdoor lights, panels, etc.

    The luminaires already have a built-in controller and receiver. This makes Milight products very easy to use. After unscrewing the bulbs at home, turn in the new Milight smart bulbs trained on the radio remote control. With one remote control, you can control all the bulbs within the range of your signal reception or optionally (operating radius 30m). This means that you can "pair" the required number of lamps with the remote control and control them at the same time, without completely interrupting your child from doing so with the remote control in the children's room.

    You can divide the light into zones. The remote control has four zones, each zone can hold up to 200 devices! Each zone can be controlled separately or together.

    Once the bulbs are connected to the remote control, you can turn them on and off, they can be dimmed, ie make the light dimmer or brighter! You can also select any colors and tones by moving your finger along the color wheel on the remote control and the light shade will change. This product also has 9 programs for automatic color change. Each program can be made slower or faster. Quickly turn lighting back into white with one touch and use it as your main light

    All LED strips can be controlled from one remote control. Both RGB (color) and RGBW (color + white) and just a white LED bar. You can combine all zones into one with one click. Control all luminaires synchronously. These products have a large selection of lamps, such as: LED floodlights, TRACK lamps, recessed panels, pool lights, etc.

    And that's not all! All products can also be controlled from any mobile device!

    The following Milight products are available in our ABCLED store:

    RGBW LED bulbs

    DUAL WHITE LED bulbs

    RGBW LED recessed lights

    RGBW spot lights

    RGBW LED panels

    RGBW LED track lights

    RGBW LED floodlights

    RGBW LED lights for wood

    RGBW LED underwater pool lights

    LED strip controllers and dimmers

    LED light remotes and consoles

  • Other smart home devices

    Other smart home devices

  • Smart  Stair Controller Automatic LED Lighting

    Smart Stair Controller Automatic LED Lighting

    The most unusual and popular project, fully developed by our company, is the Smart Stair controller or Wifi SmartStair_V4 smart ladder.
    First of all, it is a question of your safety, since the first and last steps light up slightly in the dark time of the day, marking the beginning of the stairs.
    When you step on the first step, the stairs light up with a beautiful effect. You can choose, adjust the speed of effects and the brightness of the backlight yourself.

    This version of the controller also exists in the Wifi SmartStairRGBx_V1 RGB PIXEL color mode, where you can choose which color your staircase will glow.
    In addition, overhead profiles on the steps and wall-mounted luminaires to illuminate the stairs are available.

    An example of an interesting solution:
    (set at the entrance to the corridor / garage or gate)

    A special address strip is installed, which is in standby mode, and as soon as you pass, the light in the lamp gradually lights up. Effects for standby and executive modes can also be selected in the settings.

    Google Play download Various effects, speed of ignition, brightness, length of steps - all this is configured directly from your phone through a special application. Application available for Android (Version 7.0 +).
  • Nexa wireless system (smart house)

    Nexa wireless system (smart house)

  • Xiaomi smart home

    Xiaomi smart home

  • Sonoff


  • Voice assistant Alice

    Voice assistant Alice

  • Tuya Smart Life Smart House

    Tuya Smart Life Smart House

  • Zigbee smart devices

    Zigbee smart devices

  • Wi-Fi smart devices

    Wi-Fi smart devices

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