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Why people around the world are switching to Smart Bulbs?

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In a world where technology plays an increasingly important role in everyday life, smart LED bulbs are becoming an integral part of a smart home. These innovative light sources offer much more than just room lighting. In this article, we will look at Mi-Light/MiBoxer smart bulbs, namely: their types, functions, installation, control options and the reasons why they are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

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Today, there are quite a lot of MiLight bulbs, and their selection is expanding rapidly, so that ultimately everyone will be able to replace absolutely any light source with this product.

They differ:

  • Socket: E27, E26, GU10, MR16
  • Plunger type: bulb, candle, ball and dot
  • Power: 4-12W
  • Voltage: 12V or 220V
  • Color: CCT and RGB+CCT (we will consider this parameter in more detail below)

Adjusting the brightness

All bulbs, without exception, have 10-100% brightness adjustment, which allows not only to change the light intensity, but also the amount of energy consumed.

Color temperature

One of the most useful features of smart bulbs is the ability to change the color temperature of the light. It is incredibly convenient, because thanks to a large number of shades, you can adjust the color of the lighting according to your needs, for example: choose a neutral temperature for your daily routine and create a romantic atmosphere in the evening, preferring a warm muted light. And for this you don't need to use several different lights at all, because all these possibilities are hidden in the same light source!

RGB and saturation

Nutikad RGB + CCT pirnid on varustatud kolme põhivärvi LED-idega: punane, roheline ja sinine ning valged LED-id. Kõigi nende värvide intensiivsuse kombineerimisel võivad nad luua miljoneid toone, mis võimaldab teil valida iga meeleolu või sündmuse jaoks täiusliku valguse värvi. Samuti saate reguleerida valgusküllasust, lisades heledatele värvidele valge tooni. 

It is important to note that all bulbs have "memory". This means that even if you turn off the lights through a regular switch - they remember the last installed program and light up accordingly.


These bulbs are incredibly comfortable to control and are well thought out.

Switching on/off and adjustment can be done through:

  • Remote controls (can be in both white and black; captures a signal from a distance of 30 meters, including through walls)
  • Wall switches (operate both from 12 and 220 V mains and batteries; like remote controls, can have a black design; receive a signal from a distance of 30 meters, including through walls)

Let's talk a little about zones. There are both single-zone and multi-zone control sources. Dividing by zones means that the light of the bulbs can be controlled from each zone both together and independently of each other. This means that if, for example, you want to change the brightness of a light bulb in the children's room, it will not affect the light in the living room in any way, and on the contrary, if there are 10 bulbs in one room, you can adjust them at the same time.

Both multi-zone remote controls and wall switches can connect up to 100 light sources for each (!) zone. Just think - you can control all the lighting in your house with one remote!

  • Wi-Fi Box - allows lighting to be controlled via a phone app
  • Zigbee - Some light bulbs and remote controls have Zigbee control functionality.


And now the most interesting! To install these smart light bulbs, you need absolutely... nothing but the light bulbs themselves. Here, everything is fundamentally simple. All you need is to unscrew the old bulb, screw in the new one, connect it to the remote control according to the instructions and enjoy how your life sparkles in new colors!

Smart bulbs are a revolutionary achievement in the field of lighting, offering not only comfort and efficiency but also the possibility of creative self-expression. With them, you can transform any room by creating individual atmospheres and adding amazing lighting effects, and their application divides your life before and after, making it brighter and more comfortable.

We hope this article was useful to you.

Be sure to come to our salon for a detailed consultation and familiarize yourself with the selection, because we know everything about smart home and lighting solutions.

If you need high-quality light, come to ABCLED!

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