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Best selection of equipment for shooting TikTok, Youtube and Instagram videos.

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Social media such as TikTok, Youtube and Instagram have become platforms where users can express themselves and share their creations. Video quality plays a key role in capturing the audience's attention, and good lighting is one of the key aspects of creating attractive content. In this article, we'll look at which lighting equipment can help you create professional videos for social media platforms.

A pleasant bonus: you can find all these lights on our website and in the salon at Pae 21 in Tallinn! In case you don't find what you were looking for - contact us by e-mail: 

1. Ring lights 

Ring lights have become a popular choice among video bloggers and photographers due to their ability to create soft, even lighting with minimal shadows. They come in a variety of sizes and typically have adjustable brightness and heat settings, making them a versatile solution for a variety of shooting conditions. 

2. Light panels 

Thanks to their flat design, panel lights ensure uniform and controllable lighting. They are usually equipped with adjustable brightness and color temperature, allowing users to customize the lighting to their liking. Panel lights are ideal for filming videos in the studio or on location when there is insufficient natural light. LED panels are also known for their durability and battery life, making them convenient to use. Controlled by remote control or phone. 

3. LED strips 

LED strips offer endless possibilities for creative lighting. They can be attached to various surfaces and used to create additional lighting or decorative effects in the background of the video. Diode strips are often equipped with the ability to adjust color and brightness, making them a universal imaging tool.

4. Linear lights 

Such lights are most often used for making full-length videos and are ideal for, for example, dance content. They often have a "running effect" that allows you to shoot incredibly effective videos. 

5. Decorative lights 

Such lights are usually used not so much for lighting as for creating an atmosphere. These include:



A good lighting setup plays an important role in creating professional video content for social media platforms. Choosing the right lighting fixture depends on your photography needs, budget, and preference for light quality. But no matter what outfit you choose, remember that creativity and talent remain key elements of successful social media content.

It's important to experiment, find your own style, and enjoy the content creation process!

And if you want to see all the products in person and get advice on the most modern lighting solutions, be sure to come to our salon! 

If you need high-quality light, come to ABCLED! 

For many years, our company has specialized in the manufacture and installation of lighting fixtures of all types. For advice, contact us by e-mail at or at the salon at Pae tn 21 Tallinn.

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