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Wifi SmartStairRGBx_V1 RGB PIXEL controller for stairs light 5V

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Wifi SmartStair_V1 RGB PIXEL controller for stairs light 5V  

AbcLED has released yet another kind of smart staircase controller that can manage

(PIXEL) RGB LED ribbon (each RGB LED on the LED ribbon) Model SmartStair_RGBx_V1

This project is easier and easier to install, requires fewer wires and can be installed directly on the wall along the stairs.

The project was created for those who are hard or impossible to install light under the stair.

In this project, settings and effects are similar to those in previous projects, and many new ones have been added.

Control and configuration can be performed from a computer using a Wi-Fi connection.

The controller is designed to control LED strips with an address management method for LEDs, such as WS2812 (A / B), WS2813A, which are also compatible with them via the exchange protocol and transmission speeds of 800 kbit / s and 400 Kbps / s.

The number of diodes per meter can be any 30led, 60led, 75led, 90led, 144led / m.

The controller supports up to 1200 pixels (that is, it can control each of 1200 LEDs)

In this controller, it is possible to connect different sensors to traffic.

A shielded cable is recommended for connecting sensors!

NB! These controllers can be reprogrammed for any task.

The controller can be used for other projects, for example:

1) on the ladder rail

2) installation in the plinth at the entrance to the house or apartment

3) along the walls of the garage

4) on the fence

5) along any walls and surfaces

6) etc

This controller has two modes:

Standby mode (the selected effect is active or can be disabled while there is no motion before the sensors)

Execution mode (the ladder is ignited by the effect you selected after the motion sensors detect you)


Features of the controller:

  • Adjust brightness
  • Adjustment of the lower and upper motion sensor
  • Ignition Speed
  • Waiting time
  • Light sensor
  • The ability to turn on with several buttons (also with the button you can select the effects)
  • Selecting different effects
  • Possibility of a choice from a color palette of any color lighting of a ladder
  • Description of settings for animation effects

At the moment the list of animations contains:

"Simple" - highlighting the ends of the stairs with wandering or static lights with a selected or random color.

"Meteor" - animation that simulates the fall of meteors. The speed, color, brightness, flight direction are adjusted;

• b - animated illumination of the whole staircase by random dynamically changing color. Has no parameters other than adjusting the brightness of the effect;

"Cylon Eye" is a wandering eye. The effect is based on the dynamic movement of one pixel on the tape with a dynamic change in the speed of movement. Allows you to adjust the color, brightness, dynamics of the speed change for the effect.

"Pixel fun fade in / out" - a simple effect of highlighting the entire staircase in one color with dynamically changing brightness over its entire length. Allows you to adjust the color / brightness / color change algorithm.

"Pixel fun trail" - the effect of movement of colored staircase fragments in the forward and backward directions. Allows you to adjust the speed, direction. It also allows you to set the direction of the lights in accordance with the last activation of the presence sensor. Lets you set the brightness.

"Star sky" - an animated starry sky. Randomly simulates the ignition and extinction of individual pixels / stars throughout the tape. Allows you to adjust the speed of the effect, set the color of the pixels static or dynamically changing. Lets you set the brightness for the effect.

Balls - simple effect of simulating the movement of two lights along the length of the tape towards each other. Allows you to set the color, brightness, speed, dynamics of changing the speed of the effect.

Flow - simulates the flow of fluid all the way through the tape. Adjusts the color / brightness of the effect. Supports the flow direction change algorithm according to the last activated presence sensor.

Random - the effect is selected randomly from the entire list of effects after each activation of the ladder.

For motion sensors and CONTROLLER, we offer a housing with an opening for the sensors. The case is available in various colors.

Nb! The housing is purchased separately. The price of the box is 12 euro.

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Technical data

Data sheet

Sensor size
Package contents
Сontroller, two LASER sensors, sensor night/day

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