LED RGB RF controller with touch remote controller 220V

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LED RGB RF controller with touch remote controller 220V


The advantage of this controller is that it can be controlled not only in the room where the controller is located, but also in any other room in the controller's area. This circumstance gives another 1 plus - the controller can, for example, be sewn into plasterboard, create all sorts of interior solutions, hiding the controller, the signal will be strong enough, the tape will work without fail.

Control type: push-button

Control signal type: radio frequency

Elegant console with color ring and touch controls. A set of dynamic programs - smooth overflow, sputenous color switching, chaos and others, with the ability to adjust the speed. Extended choice of static color, brightness control.

Controllers for LED tapes allow you to create stunning flashing light effects, which are so popular in discotheques, nightclubs.

Using the Color Ring controller, you can also decorate the interior of the house or landscape. Only one touch of the key of the console and the atmosphere becomes romantic, calming or bright and incendiary. It all depends on the chosen mode and your mood.

The console has 2 kinds of programs: rest and party. Also creates a soft light thanks to 64,000 colors. The brightness level can also be adjusted. With the option "party", colors change without much darkening and a smooth transition, but more dramatically and quickly to give a more energetic atmosphere.


Easy to press, touch screen, working at a distance of up to 50 meters.

Iridescent color wheel.

2 options: relaxing and a party.

Brightness and color can be adjusted.