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Установка рождественских гирлянд.

Service cost:


Specialist for examination and consultation 35 euros. Measurement works are evaluated separately.


The minimum price for a check-out is 60 euros (includes an hour of operation). Then the next hour is 20 euros + km / hour for one person. As a rule, two people are engaged in the installation.

In addition to installation, we also offer the following services:

1) dismantling of garlands.

2) Storing garlands in our warehouse, cost 25 euros / year. 

NB! All garlands (even the most professional ones) need to be removed for the summer period, since the sun's rays, or rather ultraviolet light, make the LED coating darken, which is why every year the light bulb

gets darker and lets in less light.

In case your object needs a lift:

- Up to 15 m in height - rental price 120 euros + KM / day

- Up to 25 m in height - the rental price is 180 euros + KM / day

- Ladder more than 3 m - rental price 60 euros + KM / day

NB! The price for the delivery of the lift is added to the rental price.

Delivery of the lift to an object with a height of 15 m - 30 euros

Delivery of the lift to an object with a height of 28 m - 45 euros

Delivery of stairs to the object - 20 euros

During installation, you may need additional wires, extension cords, insulating materials, materials for attaching garlands, etc.

The cost of the additional materials expended is determined at the end of the installation.

If the client has his own materials, this is agreed in advance, before installation.

NB! Before installation, you need to send photos of the object where the garlands will be installed.

If possible, then directly on the photo you can depict your wishes as concretely as possible - i.e. draw where, what and how you want to decorate.

Or, if you have no ideas, then we ourselves can offer you our own options for decoration, as we already have a lot of experience.

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