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Aluminium profile AP4212 wall surface

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Aluminium profile AP4212 wall surface   

From which you can make a beautiful wall lamp and which will shine evenly up, highlighting the surface, thereby creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

The lamp can be made of any length, and also if you put a colored LED strip in your profile, then you can change the light according to your mood.

The finished sample profile along with a colored LED strip can be viewed in our salon.

Complete with plastic cover.

 •  Aluminum profile is necessary for LED strips, since it extends the life of the LEDs (when the LED loses its brightness). Aluminum dissipates heat quickly, which makes the led strip heatless, which prolongs its service life.

 • The diffuser is necessary for uniform luminescence. With the help of this diffuser light to become more soft and evenly illuminates the surface.

To install  the profile use special mounting glue or mounting clips.

Use double-sided adhesive tape - not recommended.

Important! There is a possibility of cutting the profile to any size. For this, send us an inquiry (Ask a

question about this product) Indicate the length and number of segments.

NB! The profile is sell without LED strip (a suitable led strip can be selected in the LED strips section)

The mounting clips and end caps for the profile can buy separately.

1m / 2 m
42 mm
12.5 mm
Body material
Type of instalation
Aluminium type

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